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Finding the right doctor in the Phoenix area for safe and effective acupuncture can be difficult. Before you trust your health to a practitioner, make sure they are licensed by the State! Also there are many types of licensed practitioners of acupuncture in Arizona, some are also licensed doctors. Many practitioners of acupuncture are not doctors. Did you know there are  different systems of acupuncture?  Some based on tradition, folklore or even superstition. Other systems are based on modern science, neurology and clinical research. It is also true that results can vary from one patient to another, you should look for  a practitioner who is experience and has a proven track record of good results.  

Some insurance plans may help you pay for your acupuncture treatment. Other practitioners that don't participate with insurance  will charge you a strict out-of-your-pocket cash fee for your treatment. Fees for acupuncture can vary widely. Almost all acupuncture treatment requires multiple visits.  The typical number of treatments  also vary greatly. So be sure to discuss insurance, out-of-pocket fees and the typical length of a treatment plan with the practitioner, before you start your treatment. 

Acupuncture treatments have a history of helping patients with conditions that fail to respond to conventional therapy. Call us to learn more.  623.547.4727

Dr. Kukurin is licensed by the state of Arizona to practice acupuncture, he has over 20 years of experience treating thousands of patient cases. The acupuncture protocols he has developed are based on the most current scientific research available. Dr. Kukurin teaches other doctors scientific methods of acupuncture and the results many of his patients have obtained have been the subject of worldwide scientific lectures, are indexed in the National Library of Medicine and have appeared on television newscasts.

To find out if the acupuncture methods Dr. Kukurin pioneered may help you with your condition call and schedule a consultation.