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There are many different types of headaches.  They all have different causes and solutions.  Are you tired of masking your symptoms? Let us help you find the true cause of your head pain, and develop an individualized treatment plan, to correct it.             <<How?>>

Most neck and shoulder problems are related. Patients suffering from neck pain often have problems in their shoulder muscles. Many of the muscles that support the head and neck originate in the shoulder area. The nerves that work the shoulder muscles start in the neck. Both neck and shoulder problems are linked to
      head forward misalignment


Neck and Shoulder Pain

Back, Hip or Leg Pain

Lower back, hip and leg pain are common symptoms.  But there are many reasons why you may develop them; it could be something as simple as a misaligned vertebrae, but slipped discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica even neuropathy or a pinched nerve in your foot can causes all sorts of signs and symptoms. Different conditions can cause you to have pain, numbness, tightness or even pins-and-needle sensations. Determining what the problem is and where the problem is located is the first step for successful treatment. To successfully fix these specific conditions, while they might produce similar symptoms, all require very different types of treatment…
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