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Chiropractic:  With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Kukurin has gained excellence in many different systems of chiropractic care. This allows him to fit the treatment to the patient and offers the best treatment option for each individual patient.  

Comprehensive spinal care is a lot more than making “popping noises” in the spinal joints.  Anyone can do that! But take a look at the women below.

To make these kinds of changes to the human frame requires great skill and knowledge.  Knowing exactly where to treat the spine and also which spinal segments should be left alone is essential.  Correction of poor structure as seen in this patient requires specific attention to the release of tight supporting muscles and the use of targeted exercises to strengthen muscles too weak to hold a structural correction.

A well functioning nervous system coordinates the activity of cooperating and competing muscles, joint motion and stability to insure peak function and performance of the human body.

Headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back and hip-leg pain as well as things like sciatica, migraine and other conditions are often merely the symptoms associated with the malfunction of the joints, muscles and coordinating nervous system. We seek to fix the cause which relieves the symptoms.  Ready for relief? Then call us right now.  

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