For best results you’ll need…

iPhone with Simple Mental Rotation App
Foam Balance Pad
Chair or stool
A clear corner to safely perform the exercise routine.

Consult your healthcare provider before starting an exercise routine.

Foam Pad

Theory: research suggests that using your mind, to mentally rotate images, causes Increased activity in the right parietal cortex.  This part of the brain is associated with balance and vestibular (inner ear) information processing.  Clinical studies also suggest that repeating a mental rotation task translates into improved performance in postural stability and standing balance tasks. This improved performance was optimized when the images being mentally rotated were images of a human foot.

3. When you are ready, tap the start button.  The timer will start and you will be presented with 4 images of a human foot in differing perspectives.  Look at the first image (far left of the screen). Determine if it is a right foot or a left foot.  Now look at the next 3 images. Try to determine which image, 2, 3 or 4 matches (Left foot or Right foot) pictured in image 1. When you find the image that represents the same side foot as pictured in image 1.  Click on it.

 If you are correct, you score a point and the App will present you with a new set of four images. The tasks remaining counter will display the number of remaining tasks.

If your Choice is incorrect you lose a point, make another selection.

You may not realize it, but the process of determining matching images forces you to engage in mental rotation,  and may improve your ability to balance.

 Repeat this steps until the tasks remaining counter reaches zero.  (Next >>>)

How to use the App…

1. Sit on a chair or stool

2. Open the Simple Mental Rotation App on your iPhone