These are just some of the clinical tools we have available to help our patients.

West Valley

Chiropractic Centers near Litchfield Park

Chiropractic spinal correction: rehabilitating the spine into its optimal alignment helps to reduce recurrences and reverses the chronic stresses on ligaments and muscles that leads to ongoing back pain.

Acupuncturists near Litchfield ParkNutrtional therapy near Litchfield Park

Acupuncture for pain relief: Acupuncture works by changing that part of the nervous system that deals with pain.  Shutting off the pain mechanics in the brain and spinal cord.

How acupuncture works: learn more>>>

Vitamins and herbs can increase health and vitality, but how do you know what you need? How do you know if you still need to take your nutrients? Is too much of a good thing harmful? All these questions about nutrition can be answered and nutritional recommendations can be applied scientifically.

Scientific Nutrition: Link to our sister site.

Litchfield Park non-surgical laser spine therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy produces results you truly need to see to believe. So click to see the astonishing results our methods produce for our patients.          Seeing is believing.