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Dr. Kukurin has post graduate education at some of the world's finest institutions including Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. He has applied  his knowledge of acupuncture, chiropractic and rehabilitation to more  than 10,000 patients over the past two decades.  The unique methods he developed, along with his vast experience in patient care, allow him to treat even the most difficult cases quickly and effectively. The results his patients experience are exceptional. They have been featured on ABC, FOX and NBC news affiliates; have been published in journals indexed in the National Library of Medicine and even presented to other doctors at Johns Hopkins Medical School.  Dr. Kukurin’s  reputation for providing world class patient care has been recognized by The Consumers Research Council of America, Who’s Who in Medicine and Who’s Who in Leading Professionals. Making Dr. Kukurin, one of the country’s top chiropractic physicians.  Click here for a video of actual patients talking  about their amazing results.

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